Student Visa

Registration for Turkish courses start one month before the course starts. To attend our courses you need to do your application with

  • a Photo,
  • a Passport
  • and the document which proves that you have paid the application fee.

After your documents are checked  you will be given an acceptance letter. With this letter you can apply to the ambassy of your country to get your student visa.

The students who want to get a student visa first need to  get in touch with Istanbul University Language Center. According to the directions of our institution the students invest 100 Euros to the given bank account and they ask for an acceptance letter. With the acceptance letter given by Istanbul University Language Center, the students apply to the ambassy of their own country to get their student visa. The ones who want to attend our Turkish courses can also get their acceptance letters from our school by their close friends or relatives. The ones who are going to join our Turkish courses will have 100 Euros discount  from the course fee as they have already paid that amount for the acceptance letter.