Turkish Courses in Istanbul

The courses in Istanbul University Language Center starts and ends according to the academic calender. The courses are planned for three academic terms. The starting date of the courses are announced regularly. The registration for the courses start one month before the course starts.  Our courses are designed according  to the principles of  Common European Framework , communicative and student centered language teaching is aimed in these courses. According to this, our courses and certificates are divided into three parts as A1-A2 (Basic level), B1-B2(Intermediate Level), C1-C2 (Advanced Level). Our instructors either have completed academic degrees or expertised in the field of language teaching. Our classes are designed with modern facilities like computer assisted smartboards with audio and visual setting. Our courses are composed of 6 levels which start from A1 and continue until C2.

Dilmer does not only give Turkish courses to foreigners but also offers some activities which familiarize them with Turkish culture such as city sightseeing, film shows and listening to the music.  In this way we aim to introduce the students the culture of the language that they learn and have communicative ability in intercultural context