Erasmus Intensive Language Courses

What is Erasmus Intensive Language Course?

Erasmus Intensive Language Courses are organized in the countries whose language is the less common.

Erasmus Intensive Language Course is a one-month program which gives the students the chance to learn about the culture of the language they learn in the country where they go for their Erasmus education.

This course is a one-month intensive language course which is organized to prepare students for their Erasmus education in different universities in Turkey.

Thanks to these courses the students learn the local language and culture of the country before their academic studies or internship.

The course takes 3 to 6 weeks  and includes 60 hours of lessons.

Erasmus Intensive Language courses are organized to help incoming students have an easier Erasmus term and make Turkish a more common language by teaching Erasmus students basic and intermediate level Turkish.

In which languages are Intensive Language programmes organized?

Except for the languages like English, German, French, Italian and Spanish intensive language courses are designed with the aim of teaching the less common languages to understand the official language of education and adapt to the new education setting.

2010-2011 Education Term  Intensive Language Courses are organized in 26 countries as follows: