Istanbul University Language Center is one of the oldest institutions of Istanbul University. In 1933, it was founded under the roof of Literature Faculty in the name of “ Foreign Language School” and since 1961 it has been an institution of rectorate. In 1975 it moved to its own building in Suleymaniye and got the name “Foreign Language Department” in 1983. In the following years with the increasing demand for other foreign languages and Turkish as a foreign language, Istanbul University Language Center was founded by departing from Foreign Language Department to meet the demands of the other people outside Istanbul University as well.  With increasing demand to our language center our building in Suleymaniye did not have enough space for our students and for this reason in December 2010 a building with 9 floors in Tophane was rented. Now Istanbul University Language center has two different buildings in different parts serving for the same purpose.

Our Tophane branch which is outside of Istanbul University campus conveys the years’ academic experience of foreign language teaching. All kinds of facilities  such as technologically equipped classrooms, libraries, internet access points, pocket cinema, art gallery and terrace with a nice view of bosphorus are offered to our students to learn the language in the best way.