Istanbul University Language Center is a department of Istanbul University offering foreign languages education (English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Armenian, Spanish, etc.) in addition to Turkish as a Foreign Language, in the light of up-to-date developments in education and with the help of the academic background of Istanbul University.

Istanbul University Language Center aims at helping its participants acquire language skills by incorporating practice with theory. To this end, our department pays utmost attention to keep up with the quality standards of Istanbul University and offers foreign language programs for public and private institutions as well as individuals, at national and international scales.


Istanbul University Language Center is one of the oldest departments at Istanbul University. Established in 1933 within the Faculty of Letters under the name of “School of Foreign Languages”, started to function as a rectorate-affiliated unit as of 1961. Moving to an independent building in 1983, the department was renamed as “Foreign Languages Department”. In the years that followed, the increasing interest both in other foreign languages and in Turkish as a Foreign Languages, along with the need for providing service to individuals who were not students of Istanbul University, paved the way for the separation of Istanbul University Language Center from Foreign Languages Department in 2000.

As a result of the increasing demand, the older building eventually failed to respond to students’ needs, and a nine-floor building in Tophane was leased to open our Tophane branch. Being the first branch of Language Center located outside of the campus, Tophane branch serves as a service point of the academic background of Istanbul University in the field of foreign language education, with its technologically-equipped classrooms, library, computer lab, cinema hall, art gallery and a terrace cafeteria with a brilliant Bosphorus view.

In our Kadıköy Moda branch, efficiently active since September 2012, there is an Enrollment Office, an Administrative Office and 5 classrooms.

Three classrooms and an administrative office in Avcılar Campus have been added to our inventory of facilities as for October 2014.

Istanbul University Language Center proceeds to remain effective both in the Head Office in Tophane and in the branch offices in Süleymaniye, Kadıköy Moda and Avcılar.




The fundamental aim of Istanbul University Language Center is to develop the methods and media of learning according to the general vision of our university and international qualifications, and to provide our students with the opportunity to build up their own strategies of learning while presenting them the modern technics, methods and approaches in learning foreign languages.

In our Head Office, both on weekdays and at the weekend, teaching programs including Turkish as a Foreign Language and other foreign languages (such as English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Armenian and Spanish etc.) are carried out.

There is a teaching program on Turkish language concerning the students and academics coming from the universities that our university has an agreement with. The students coming to our university with the Erasmus agreement are given Erasmus intense language course (EILC).

Furthermore, seminaries aiming to introduce Turkish culture are organized for the foreign students.





Education Services:

The education services provided by the center are listed below:

  1. In the center, Turkish education is given to the foreign students in all age groups who are students in Turkey or not. Turkish courses are planned as General Purpose Courses and Erasmus Intensive Courses. General Purpose Courses are given in 3,5 months period. Erasmus Intensive Courses are for Erasmus students who are going to take education in different universities and the education is given in 3+3 weeks.
  2. Turkish Preparatory courses are given to the foreigners who study in different universities in Turkey as part of Turkey Scholarships which is organized by the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities.
  3. For Turkish people who want to improve their language skills, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Armenian, Spanish and Ottoman Turkish courses are given.
  4. For the language exams such as TOEFL and YDS, the exam courses are given.
  5. By coordinating the foreign educational institutions, the students who attend our English courses are sent to different countries, particularly to the UK, in order for them to improve their language skills and practice speaking.
  6. The courses are divided into 6 levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C1+) using the same standard as the Common European Framework. At the end of each course period, the certificates are given to the students who are entitled to get them.



  1. Certificate exams are held for foreigners who want to certificate their Turkish Language competence.
  2. English Language and General Ability exams are organized for some companies (Gunes Insurance, THY Technic, Habom A.S., PETKIM A.S. etc.) during their personnel recruitment.
  3. Through Proficiency in Turkish Test, the Certificate of Proficiency in Turkish is given to the students of institutions providing Turkish language courses outside of Turkey.
  4. YDS pilot tests are organized in particular terms in our institution.



  1. British Study Center: 16 students were sent to the Language School in England. (Between July – August, 2011 – 2014)
  2. GOETHE INSTITUTE ISTANBUL: Negotiations were completed in terms of reciprocal training and cooperation, and partner classes were given a start in Kadiköy branch of our center.
  3. THY TECHNIC: An association of THY, HABOM A.S. preferred to work with our center for the language exams during their personnel recruitment. In the last quarter of 2011, 1000 candidate were examined by our center. Until the middle of the second half of 2012 and 2013 technical English education was given to HABOM A.S. attendant technicians. During that period an edition named Aviation English was published and committed to the company. Our exam cooperation with HABOM has been proceeding.
  4. THY A.O.: At the beginning of 2014, a protocol was signed with THY education directorate, and it has been agreed that all English questions requirement will be supplied by our center.
  5. A protocol was signed with company called EATALY, and the Turkish language education of the foreigners working in that company was given by our center.
  6. A protocol was signed with World Trade Center Management, and our company organized trainings in terms of needs such as writing an e-mail, making presentations, Turkish Spelling Rules.
  7. A protocol was signed with a Human Resources company called Pozitif IK, and the questions of the English Language exams that the company realizes were prepared by our center.
  8. Versant, one of a Pearson Education exam was held to THY and other aviation companies in the first half of 2014.
  9. A protocol was signed with Department for Turks Abroad and Relative Societies in the first six months of 2014 and being valid from the second half of 2014 preparations for “Academic Turkish” education started in order to assist the students with Turkey Scholarship in their areas that they are studying at the universities.
  10. Upon a contract signed in October 2014, Foreign personnel working at Istanbul office of SCA HYGIENE PRODUCTS AB got involved in our Turkish language learning program and received training.
  11. Foreign personnel of Samsung have started to receive training in Turkish at Language Center upon a protocol with Samsung signed in December 2014.
  12. A testing pack consisting of 600 questions to be used for placement in English have been generated upon an agreement signed with THY A.O.
  13. Two groups of students from Malaysia were brought to Turkey and given training in Turkish upon a contract signed with QAS Management, a Malaysia-based company (February 2014 and July 2014).




Our Center co-designs projects with organizations like Turkish National Agency (The Department of European Union Education and Youth Programs Center) being in the first place, Istanbul Development Agency, TUBITAK, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Department for Turks Abroad and Relative Societies, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Beyoğlu Municipality. The projects we are running are:


  1. Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC): Since 2006, we have applied Turkish National Agency for EILC. We have been held up as an example for conducting and ending EILC to the other universities in each meeting. The special book we prepared for students in 2012 EILC were sent to other universities and the studies of Istanbul University in this were shared. In the first half of 2014, our center hosted Erasmus students and completed Turkish language courses in 3 weeks.
  2. Pursuant to the Turkey Scholarship Program organized by Department for Turks Abroad and Relative Societies, Turkish Preparation courses are conducted for the foreign students studying in the universities of our country.
  3. Collaboration Projects with Local Governments: Within the scope of this project we have been working through in many areas like the standardizing of the language courses, quality improvement, training of trainers and co-certificate.
  4. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Yunus SOYLET, the project “Germanist” started for the children, got to the age for kindergarten, of our citizens living in Germany in the first step; this project aims to teach these children the language of the country they are living and their mother tongue, Turkish together in their early ages. Within this context, bilingual materials will be developed and they will be put into practice in the second half of 2015.
  5. We have come to mutual agreement with the Non-Governmental Organizations in Germany and Austria for collaborative projects and the applications of two other projects as follow-ups to “Turkish on the Way” carried out in 2013, were submitted to  Department for Turks Abroad and Relative Societies. We planning to put into practice in the second half of 2015.
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